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How I earn 1000 USD From micro freelancing project in few month


micro freelancing

Micro freelancing is an excellent job for new freelancers. Because your buyer can try your services at low cost. When your buyer can satisfied by your service they will hire your for long time or a big project. 

You have to know some professional work which have very high demand on online market when you want to start freelancing. Digital marketing one of them. Every online company looking for digital marketer to promote there service or products. 

Micro freelancing services starting price should be very low. 1 usd or something like this. On fiverr marketplace you can submit your service at minimum cost 5 usd. But SEOclerk and some marketplace are rising very quickly because the allow 1 usd minimum service cost. 

I started micro freelancing some month ago to do some work when I have free time and I have no any big project. You may know I am a web developer. But starting micro freelancing to earn some extra money to pay my domain and hosting bill etc. But when I start this job I got surprised. Because there are lots of opportunity to make big amount of money by micro job only. 

I can help you if you want me to teach you some professional work through over online. If you interested you can contact me on my email.