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Requirements to Publish app on PlayStore

We are publishing app through our Google play console. You may know that , Google play console is not free. You have to pay $25 to Google if you want to active your play console account. So that you need an international VISA card. You can use your card only for own account and you can use one time. 

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But you can still publish your app through account. So that you can make money. A developer account can publish unlimited app. Every app owner can make money from it if they use Admob.  

Today I'll discuss about the requirements if you want us to publish your app. 

Requirements 1: App Details

We need your app name, Short description, Full description. Before write those information please visit Google PlayStore and search some app to get idea. 

Requirements 2: Category
We need app category name like as Business, Audio Mp3, Entertainment, Game, Education etc (We are not publishing news app). If you want to publish news app, we can publish in blog or education category. In this time Google requirement news source and most of time Google rejected news app if the news source are not correct. So we avoid news app category.

Requirements 3: Graphics
We need app logo and some graphics to publish your app. See bellow and edit those image as your app. Most keep same the image size. 

Logo Icon: Create a Logo / Icon at 512px x 512px size.

Features: Create Features Image as like bellow. Image size should be 1024 px x 500px

App Screen: Also need 2 app screen as like bellow. Size 428px x 902px 

Tab screen : 1 image for 7 inch tab screen 

Tab screen : 1 image for 10 inch tab screen

Final Requirements : We need you app at .aab file format. No need this requirements If we are developing your app. Because we will create this file when we build your app. 

Privacy Policy for Google Play Console

1. Don't use your app on your mobile if you using admob from your same mobile.

2. Don't see your own ad from your app.

3. Never click ad from your app.

4. Don't tell your friend to use your app.

5. Don't force anyone to use your app.

-- you also should follow google pay console privacy policy to keep your Google play console safe and secure.   

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