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Make money from Google Admob - Get start from now

Google AdMob is a Google service that is similar to Google AdSense but only works on mobile apps. If you want to earn money with Google Admob, you have to follow 2 conditions.

1. You need to use it in mobile app.

2. The app needs to be published on Playstore or supported app publishing platform

Follow the steps bellow if you want to create Admob account.

Step 1: visit this website


Step 2: Sign up or login by your Gmail Account. Gmail account holder should be use real name and address. Gmail account holder should be 18+ years old. 

Admob login

You should use 2 step verification for security of your account. 

2 step verification

Step 3: This is the main part of your Admob account. Go to app > add new app . Type your app name and You will see the window as like bellow. Choose the options as like bellow. 

Admob setup

Step 4: Just click done. 

Admob setup

Step 5: At first setup banner. So that select banner as like bellow. 

Step 6: Follow the page bellow. Type your banner name and click create ad unite. 

Step 7: Look at the screenshot on bellow. You will see your banner ad unite . Copy the code and send it to your app developer. 

ad unite

Another ad unite: If you want another ad unite just follow the step as like bellow.  

Step 8: After choose new ad unite as previous you will see the window as bellow. Type your ad name and click create ad unite. 

Step 9: As previous step you will see ad unite and you have to copy the code for your developer

Step 10: Now you have to hire an app developer. Your developer should be use your admob ad unite when develop the app . You developer also have to publish the app on PlayStore. You cann't earn if your not published on playsore. 

After publish your app on playstore you have to app the link as like the step bellow. Enjoy your earning! 

 Looking for an app developer and publish your app on playstore? 
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